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A Plea For Lucas Duda

I am not one of these sports fans who beg their favorite athletes to pick up their game and play better, but in this case, on the eve of Game 5 in Los Angeles, I have one request to make for one player on my beloved New York Mets…


Good grief! “The Dude” has been absolutely dreadful at the plate. During 4 games with 16 plate appearances, he has gone 2-15 with one walk, one run, AND NINE STRIKEOUTS! A .133 batting average and a .188 on-base percentage is absolutely atrocious.

As I stated in “An Open Letter From A Superstitious, But Happy, Mets Fan”, Duda “has shown to be extremely streaky. He personifies the Katy Perry hit “Hot & Cold”. He started off hot in April and May, practically turned into an ice cube in June and July, went on a tear in early August, and has plateaued a tad in September.” And sadly, Duda has reverted into that proverbial ice cube once again.

It has to be nothing but confidence issues in my mind. Duda is incredibly talented. Everyone knows that. The Mets definitely do. In 2014, they went with him over Ike Davis in the “battle for first base” issue. Last year, he had 30 home runs. This year, he had 27. He’s rapidly improved defensively. People even have fallen in love with the We Follow Lucas Duda Instagram page. “The Dude” is beloved in New York.

Duda might work hard, but he might fold big time with the Mets fan base if he doesn’t produce in Game 5 of the National League Division Series against the Dodgers in LA. He truly is the “dark horse” of this game. It is the biggest game of the Mets’ year. Lucas Duda needs to make a difference, in fact, be THE difference and help the Blue and Orange Brigade go to their first NLCS since 2006.

“The Dude”, we believe in you. We know you can turn this around with one swing. Please wake your bat up. Get angry and unleash a fury of big hits in Game 5. This is in Prime Time TV. This is the biggest game of your life. Don’t falter and get a boost of confidence. UNLEASH A HOME RUN BALL FOR US!

We believe in you, Lucas Duda. We need you more than ever.


Feature photo courtesy of Newsday.

Jon was born in Queens and now resides in New Jersey. He is a die-hard Mets fan and believes HoJo should be in the Mets Hall of Fame. Not only is Jon a contributing writer on Legends On Deck, but he also is the founder of @HardwayHQ, host of the #TheHardwayPodcast and somewhat plays Air Hockey on You can follow Jon on Twitter @TheJonHarder

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