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Angels/Yankees Identical Twins D’Shawn and D’Vaughn Knowles

Angels/Yankees Identical Twins D’Shawn and D’Vaughn Knowles

Identical Twins D’Shawn & D’Vaughn Knowles: A Rear Look.

With very active kids, parents are always looking for some activity for them. With this in mind, D’Shawn and D’Vaughn Knowles Mom took her four-year-old twins to Freedom Farm Baseball Park. And enrolled them

Born January 16th, 2001, they started the playing in the T-Ball division in 2005 and placed on different teams. Consequently, after spending most of their time playing in a dirt pile next to the field, and not on the diamond; And not to mention their dirty uniforms their Mom decided to take them out of baseball.

After one year, Mom allowed them to return to the game, and where they were placed in the coach pitch division, excited about their new team, the Sand Flies, they started to love the game and went on to the win the division championship.

Twins D’Shawn and D’Vaughn became teammates in coach pitch and started looking out for each other as their game progress, (they had each other back all the time.) Additionally, they had each other as teammates from coach pitch right up to 13-15 division.

Winning championships from 2009 coach pitch division with the Sand flies, 2012 11-12 division with the Conchs and the 13-14 division all three of their seasons with the Raccoons, 2014, 2015, and 2016, They won five in total.

Time at MaxD Baseball Academy:

D’Shawn & D’Vaughn with former Sandflies Teammate Keithron Moss Center.

On the other hand, with the baseball talent on the Islands growing, MaxD Baseball Academy was started to enhance the game. As a result of the opening of MaxD, D’Shawn, and D’Vaughn enrolled at the Baseball Academy, which saw more and more baseball scouts coming to the Island looking for talent. Which gave more opportunity to play minor league baseball a reality.

2016 Dominants

After, winning the MVP award in 2016 at the Andre Rodgers National Baseball Championships. Twin D’Shawn and D’Vaughn put on a show in the 13-15 division championships. That saw Freedom Farm League sweeping all five divisions at the Nationals.

International Baseball Signing Day

Together with, Trent Deveaux and Kristian Robinson, D’Shawn Knowles selected by the Angels on international baseball signing day. Also, Keithron Moss was signed by the Rangers on December,12th 2017; And By the same token, as D’Shawn began his minor league career in June 2018, D’Vaughn signed by the Yankees on the July international players signing day.

Turning Heads

Furthermore, seventeen years old D’Shawn Knowles started turning heads early, from his first game with a pinch-hit single. As a matter of fact, He got six hits in the AZL Angels first four games. With this in mind, the Angels made the seventeen years D’Shawn Knowles their #30 top prospect. With 34 hits in 113 at-bats for a .301 average with the AZL Angels, D’Shawn Knowles was moved to the Pioneer League Orem Owlz. Where finished his first season on a hot streak, D’Shawn move to the Owlz saw him with 35 hits in 109 at-bats for a .321 average and four home runs, finishing the season with 69 hits for 222 at-bats for .311 batting average with five home runs, that made him the Angles #24 Top Prospect. 

Off-season at home in the Bahamas

D’Vaughn & D’Shawn at a Freedom Farm Baseball League game.

At last, D’Shawn is finally home for some relaxation with family and friends along with twin brother D’Vaughn Knowles. After all the training camps, spring training, league play, instructional league, with more training camp is home at last, and it feels good. 

At the Anfernee Seymour/ Natasha Watley Baseball/Softball Camp.   Identical twins Rashawn and Raivon Pinder meet Angels/Yankees D’Shawn and D’Vaughn Knowles at Freedom Farm.
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Jeffrey was born on April 29th, 1961, in Nassau, Bahamas to Rejoiner Ann Rolle and Jerome James Francis Etienne. Married to Andrea G. Rolle-Francis, they have two daughters; Janae Latoya Francis, a graduate of Allegany College of Maryland, and Jessica Lee Francis a graduate Potomac State College West Virginia University in Kyser West Virginia. Jeffrey was coaching the sport of baseball from 1980 at the age of 18 years old because he loved the sport as a kid. He started listening to the game over the radio out of Miami Florida in the late 60s and in the early 70s started playing the game locally in various local leagues right up to the premier senior league; a league where all of the current Bahamian minor leaguers played. In 1982, Jeffrey had an invite to a three day tryout with the New York Yankees in Hollywood Florida, which was an awesome experience that is lasting a life time memory for him. Jeffrey has been following the Bahamian baseball players in the minor leagues since 1999 with Angelo Burrows, but found greater interest with the signing of Antoan Richardson in 2005. He also writes a year end review on their play on his Facebook page, Baseball Bahamas, and he has a website with the same name. He has a great following and would love to expose the baseball players to a bigger worldwide audience. He has a good relationship with all the players because he personally coached most of them. His favorite MLB Team is the Detroit Tigers from 1969.

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