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An Open Letter from a Paranoid Mets Fan

Dear Fans of the New York Mets,

What a run since the trade deadline it has been. Who would have ever thought “The Trade That Wasn’t Made” would have catapulted the Blue and Orange Brigade into 1st place in the middle of September?

It has been a fun time to be a Met fan. Yoenis Cespedes has been an ABSOLUTE superstar for this club. A healthy David Wright has proven to cash in BIG. Batting average notwithstanding, Curtis Granderson has been as consistent as anyone on the big club, getting on base and proving his worth as an awesome leadoff man. The Grandy Man has had his best on-base percentage since 2011 as a member of the New York Yankees. Daniel Murphy has been solid with base hits, while Travis d’Arnaud (when healthy) has been incredible in clutch situations. Our starting pitching has carried us through the rough times with the injury-riddled first half. Lastly, has there been a beloved fan favorite as much as Wilmer Flores? Good grief!

The New York Mets have proved that great team chemistry, combined with a pick-me-up mentality, equals a winning formula. It’s amazing to see it happen here, while the Washington Nationals continue to falter in the National League East.

However, while the good times are rolling, I’m here to write the following:


I understand that we are enjoying the fruits of our labor, seeing the standings and counting down the magic numbers to an (hopefully) inevitable NL East Division clinching. But this HAS to be a sustaining success, NOT just a one-season fluke.

I know I might be a jaded fan, but I’m superstitious. (7 in 17 in 2007, remember?) With the Yoenis Cespedes trade, Sandy Alderson forced himself to step outside the comfort zone and trade a talented minor leaguer in Michael Fulmer to get it done. With the Moneyball philosophy Alderson loves to utilize, Cespedes is the guy that is what Moneyball is ALL about. Alderson made a BIG trade when needed, especially after “The Trade That Wasn’t Made” fiasco. The Mets General Manager needs to make the big deal and resign this man, especially after the “Must Be Signed 5 Days after the World Series” stipulation was waived last week.

The Wilpons need to step up and allow this team to continue to prosper and thrive. I hope all these young players (the deGroms and Harveys of the world) get their money. This franchise has picked a perfect time to turn around. 2015 is the year where the future became the present. I know the era of the athlete with one team is passé, but let’s keep this homegrown talent in their prime in the borough of Queens. The off-season this year will be the proof in the pudding.

Why, you ask? Because quite simply put; this is the New York Mets, and it can go from hero-to-zero in an instant. I believe NOW. I don’t want 2016 to be a heartbreaking year. I don’t know if I can take it.


A Paranoid, Superstitious Mets Fan

Jon was born in Queens and now resides in New Jersey. He is a die-hard Mets fan and believes HoJo should be in the Mets Hall of Fame. Not only is Jon a contributing writer on Legends On Deck, but he also is the founder of @HardwayHQ, host of the #TheHardwayPodcast and somewhat plays Air Hockey on You can follow Jon on Twitter @TheJonHarder

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