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Boston’s Rotation Doesn’t Need an Ace, For Now…

This offseason, the Red Sox front office were clearly not happy with how the season turned out.  The Red Sox finished in the basement of the AL East with a final record of 71-91.  Not too great. However, after spending like it was going to go out of style this offseason, Boston looks poised to return to the top of the AL East, even without a front end of the rotation arm.  There is no doubt in my mind that they can tread water for some time without having a Cole Hamels or Jordan Zimmerman at the front of their rotation.

However, can they make a deep postseason run without an ace?

Is Clay Buchholz Boston's Ace? - Photo courtesyof

Is Clay Buchholz Boston’s Ace? – Photo courtesyof

In short, absolutely not.  We have seen it year in and year out of teams that are great in the regular season, but cannot get over the hump in the playoffs.  In the playoffs, it is so imperative to have a guy that you can roll out in the first game of a postseason series and have the utmost confidence in.  I’m not sure about you, but I do not see anyone on the Red Sox staff that has my complete trust.  Joe Kelly has the tools and confidence to become that guy, but I have to see it to believe it.  Clay Buchholz is one of the most talented guys the Red Sox have, but he is an absolute head case and cannot be trusted to be “the guy” on a world series pitching staff.

The Red Sox can make it through July without an ace, but if Boston wants to potentially win a World Series, they need to go out and get “that guy.”  Cherrington and company need to realize that 2013 was a special event, but it does not reflect on the parts that are necessary to win a championship.

Pete has lived in the Boston area his entire life. He grew up going to Fenway Park and watching the Red Sox. He is currently attending Boston University and is majoring in sports journalism. Once he graduates, he plans on entering the Army. He is also the owner of Biased Boston Sports, which covers the four major sports in the city. His main strength is current major league talent and highly regarded prospects. You can follow him @Pete_BBS

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