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Chris Sale Sent Home; Misses Start After ‘Clubhouse Incident’

These are the Chicago White Sox throwback uniforms that were allegedly the cause of a clubhouse incident involving Chris Sale. (Photo: Chicago White Sox)

These are the Chicago White Sox throwback uniforms that were allegedly the cause of a clubhouse incident involving Chris Sale. (Photo: Chicago White Sox)

The Chicago White Sox were scheduled to wear throwback uniforms on Saturday night as they took on their AL Central rival the Detroit Tigers.

Apparently White Sox Ace and All-Star Chris Sale, wasn’t very fond of those uniforms.

It was first reported a few hours before the game that Sale was scratched from his scheduled start on Saturday. Speculation then roared that Sale may be part of a potential trade as many teams have called Chicago about him.

But, sources and a White Sox press release reported that it was a “non-physical” altercation that took place that the twenty-seven-year-old was involved in along with White Sox front office staff and was then essentially sent home.

Sale apparently had previously voiced his concerns about the “1976 Throwback Jerseys” that they were scheduled to wear to White Sox front office staff. He didn’t feel that the team should wear them on a night of his start because they were too uncomfortable and perhaps might hinder his performance.

Multiple sources are also reporting that when Sale entered the Chicago White Sox clubhouse on Saturday afternoon, hours prior to his scheduled start, he was enraged that the team would still be wearing the navy blue throwbacks and took matters into his own hands, literally. Sale allegedly took scissors and cut every jersey so that he and his teammates wouldn’t be able to wear the uniforms and he in return would be more comfortable.

The White Sox then sent Sale home and started relief pitcher Matt Albers in his place against the Tigers as a spot start. Due to his relief status and a second weather delay, Albers pitched just two innings, allowing one hit and one run while striking out just one.

Sale, who was the 2016 starting pitcher for the American League in the All-Star Game just a few weeks ago, is on track for a career best season and is currently 14-3 on the season with a 3.18 ERA and has three complete games. He has been seen as the face of the franchise for many seasons and fans are shocked at the news of something like this occurring.

But, one must start to wonder, was all of this really just because he didn’t want to wear a navy blue throwback jersey? If the jerseys were too tight and would possibly hinder the performance of their Ace pitcher, wouldn’t the White Sox find a way to resolve the problem? Or, is this the outcome of an angry Sale who doesn’t appreciate the trade speculation?

As of this point, the majority of fans is probably speculating the latter, because would a seasoned professional like Sale intentionally jeopardize his career over his wardrobe?

When the White Sox eventually took the field after a weather delay, they were sporting alternate throwback jerseys, white 1983 throwbacks, that they have worn in the past.

Bethany is a Graduate of the University of South Florida and currently resides in Tampa. She is a die-hard Yankees' fan and has been a freelance writer for six years. She has covered the Yankees' Minor League System since 2010 and also does freelance work for and CBS Local Tampa Bay. Follow her on Twitter @TampaBethany

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