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College Baseball is Back! A Very Quick Look at the 2023 Season

If you’ve bee a regular reader of Legends on Deck over the past several years, you might have noticed that I’m a strong advocate for college baseball.  In several past articles, I’ve called college baseball “the most underrated sport in America.”  I am happy to stand by that statement.

In 2022, I laid out my argument in The Case for College Baseball:  Why It’s America’s Most Underrated Sport.  Even as far back as 2017, I wrote Is the College World Series the Most Underrated Spectacle in Sports?  If you gave me a choice of attending any major sporting event on the calendar in any given year, I would probably opt for a week in Omaha in mid-June.

However, with so many podcasts, articles and topics we’re covering here at Legends on Deck, the beginning of college season has snuck up on me once again.  A couple random thoughts, the last two College World Series Champions were from the SEC and also from the same state, Mississippi.  The Top 25 rankings (listed below) include two programs from Tennessee, two Mississippi, two from Florida, two from California, two from Virginia, three from Texas and four from North Carolina.

TOP 25 D1 Baseball Rankings

  1. LSU  (SEC)
  2. Tennessee  (SEC)
  3. Stanford (PAC 12)
  4. Ole Miss (SEC, 2022 National Champs)
  5. Texas A&M (SEC)
  6. Wake Forest (ACC)
  7. Florida (SEC)
  8. Arkansas (SEC)
  9. Oklahoma State (Big 12)
  10. Vanderbilt (SEC)
  11. East Carolina (AAC)
  12. North Carolina (ACC)
  13. Maryland (Big Ten)
  14. Virginia Tech (ACC)
  15. TCU (Big 12)
  16. Louisville (ACC)
  17. UCLA (PAC 12)
  18. Southern Miss (C-USA)
  19. Virginia (ACC)
  20. Alabama (SEC)
  21. NC State (ACC)
  22. Miami (ACC)
  23. South Carolina (SEC)
  24. Texas Tech (Big 12)
  25. Oregon (PAC 12)

Happy Opening Night!

**Picture from Red Cup Rebellion (Ole Miss fan site)**

Brian is the Managing Editor at Legends on Deck and Co-Host on Legends On Deck Podcast. He's been writing about baseball at LOD since 2017. He grew up in the Detroit area and is a lifelong Tigers fan. However, he shares some affinity for his son George's favorite team, the Atlanta Braves. Brian also has a particular interest in the amateur side of the game, including high school, college and collegiate summer league baseball. Brian and George also love collecting and selling baseball cards. You can find them selling on eBay (@Kossball) or posting on George's Instagram (@Kossball). Brian lives in Horizon West (Winter Garden), Florida with his wife (Grace), three daughters and George the Card Kid. You can also reach him at

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