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Day 5: Visiting Blue Jays Spring Camp


Day five of my exclusive Legends On Deck Grapefruit League Spring Training started on Tuesday morning, just 10 minutes up the road from the Phillies Camp, to Dunedin Fl, which landed me at the home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

As I parked my car I knew I was in the heart of Blue Jays country as almost every car I saw bore Ontario Canada plates. However, I was quickly turned off to the fact that I had to walk the equivalent of two football fields to get to the action. (with 15 pounds of camera equipment). Once I saw the first few players my frustration settled down. Like the other favorable parks, the four fields are close together, with restrooms and a concession stand in the center. The smell of the grilled food and green fields quickly got me into the baseball mode. I have found that camps set up in that fashion are very favorable to the fans both young and old.

There was a fifth field but pretty much away from fan views were players can escape undisturbed. No souvenir shop but there was plenty of player fan interaction as players moved thru the crowds to get to the fields. I was also treated to some batting practice with an old Yankee favorite of mine, Russell Martin. Besides the hike from the parking lot to the center of camp it was a very favorable complex for the Blue Jays fans. I didn’t see any player signing autographs, but with the set up they’ve created,  I can easily see that it wouldn’t be too hard to get memorabilia signed by your favorite player.

Gabe has spent eight of his sixteen years in law enforcement as an Investigator and Crime Scene photographer. He turned his passion for photography, art, and sports and is the owner of GGR Photography. He specializes in action sports photography and is currently the official photographer for the Albany Athletics Twilight Baseball League in upstate New York. Gabe is also engaged in freelance photography for various youth sporting events in the Capital Region of New York, as well as New York State High School Athletic Association. His work is defined in the detail and commitment he has for sports, especially baseball. You can also reach out to Gabe at

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