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Update: Hit Streak Ends At 50 Games For Indians Prospect Mejia


Photo by Matt Carper/Legends on Deck

Update: August 15th – 6:00 am

The amazing hitting streak by Cleveland Indians prospect Francisco Mejia came to an end at 50 games on Sunday as he finished the game 0 for 3.


Original Post: August 14th

On Saturday, Cleveland Indians prospect Francisco Mejia‘s 49 game hitting streak came to an end when he reached base on an error.

Mejia grounded the ball under the third baseman’s glove down the left field line for an apparent double, but the ruling on the field was E5.

About an hour after the game, the official scorer changed the call from an E5 to a double, which extended Mejia’s streak to 50 games.

The Lynchburg HillCats issued a statement after the game:

“After reviewing additional data and watching video of the play, the official scorer decided to rule Mejia’s batted ball in the third inning a double. The video review showed that the ball was struck far enough away from the backhand of the third baseman (Montilla) and hit with enough force and topspin to prevent Montilla from making the play with ordinary effort. Based on this, the official scorer changed the error to a hit.”

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