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Indians Todd Isaacs Jr Don’t Blink!!!

Indians Todd Isaacs Jr Don’t Blink!!!

Todd Jr probably was born with speed and used his wheels to play the game of baseball with high energy.

Also being a cousin of Antoan Flash Richardson might explain the speed from the bloodline, and showed it in the sports he participated in.

At a showcase in Florida Todd Isaacs caught the eyes of many baseball scouts when he ran a 6.1 sixty.

Playing the game with his athleticism at an early age gave Todd one of baseball’s useful tools, “Speed”.

Being one of Freedom Farm Baseball League favorite players, Todd Isaacs Jr played the game hard and to win.

Above all Todd Isaacs Jr, enrolled at American Heritage High School in Delray Beach Florida.

Todd’s Baseball Options:

With the many invites to baseball tournaments, with more and more showcases to attend, there were many scouts with interest in his game.

Most Noteworthy the colleges and major league teams that showed interest in him coming to play in their organizations was growing.

In both 2013 and 14 Todd Jr and his friends, Anfernee traveled to more than seven MLB workouts with some of the top prospects for the 2014 draft.

As a result, of communicating with the scouts, he knew in 2014 he would have to choose between college or minor league upon graduating.

Todd Jr Choice Draft Day:

Todd Jr had set his mark on what will determine his decision on whether to play minor leagues or college in the 2014 MLB Draft day.

So Todd was selected in the 22nd round of 2014 MLB draft June by the Toronto Blue Jays along with childhood friend Anfernee Seymour in the 7th round.

And therefore with that pick, Todd Isaacs Jr chooses a college and enroll at Palm Beach State College, in Florida.

2015 College Sophomore or Minors Leaguer:

After enjoying a productive college season at Palm Beach State College.

So Todd waited for the June 2015 draft where he had to ponder his decision, College or Pro Baseball again?

In the June 2015, MLB draft Todd Isaacs Jr was selected in the Nineteen round number 574 by the Cleveland Indians.

Moreover, with his family help, Todd decided to sign with the Indians and forego his sophomore year of College.

Time to Show the Tools of the Game:

Photo by Mathew Carper

Assigned to the AZL Indians on June 15th, 2015 where he started off slow, playing in 34 games, He got 25 hits and five stolen bases.

The following year 2016 Todd went to short-season Mahoning Valley Scrappers of the New York-Penn League the Scrappers ironically is a team he played for at the age of 10,

Similarly, his game improves with 48 hit for 144 at-bats, a .333 batting average, with six home runs.

Furthermore, Todd Jr dubbed the fastest player in college, and also at one point and maybe still the fastest in the Indians system.

So for the last two seasons, Todd Jr played “Single A” for the Lake County Captains in the Mid-West League

Photo by Mathew Carper

However, in 2017 Todd hit a career-high nine home runs.

Furthermore, 90 hits,30 stolen bases, and his 229 career hits all career highs in 2018

In addition to playing in five Major League Baseball Spring Games in the last two years with the Cleveland Indians.


Todd Isaacs Lake County Captains. Photo by Mathew Carper.

Indians Todd Isaacs Jr Don’t Blink:

The phrase “Don’t Blink” is about home runs not speed.

It is a unique Home Run Derby dubbed Don’t Blink 242 Home Run Derby in Paradise.

Hosted by Minor Leaguers Todd Isaacs Jr and Lucius Fox Jr.

          Todd Isaacs Jr, Lucius Fox Jr co-founders, Don’t Blink 242 Home Run           Derby in Paradise Photo by 360 Designs

Who would think of a home run derby on a beach? Only the co-founded of Don’t Blink 242 Home Run Derby in Paradise, Todd Isaacs Jr, and Lucius Fox Jr.

And the Montague Beach venue was the chosen.

With two Kayaks in the water collecting the baseballs, and Sailboats sailing by.

With the Speedboats anchored far away from the baseballs was the scene in the Waters.

Beautiful background with the homes of some of the worlds rich and famous people on Paradise Island.

With the excitement building, the fans started to gather in big numbers for the Home Run Derby.

Most importantly local and international minor leaguers who participated in the successful home run derby enjoyed themselves and the atmosphere.

The 2018 Winner, Bo Bichette New Hamshire Fisher Cats. in the photo is Dante Bichette Sr and Nick Gordon Rochester Red Wings 

The first winner of the annual Don’t Blink 242 Home Run Derby in Paradise was Bo Bichette #2 top prospect of the Toronto Blue Jays who hit some monster home runs over the floating Badge where the center camera was mounted.

The crowd was in Awe the way Bo Bichette was able to hit the baseball through a stiff wind.

      Wow!!! you had to be there to see how far the baseballs went


Congratulations to Todd Isaacs on his 2018 Minor League Season and continued success.

And above All, Todd Jr & Lucius Jr would love to see you all on January 5th, 2019 at the 2nd Annual Don’t Blink 242 Home Run Derby in Paradise in Nassau, Bahamas.

Stay Tune for More Details on the Derby.






Jeffrey was born on April 29th, 1961, in Nassau, Bahamas to Rejoiner Ann Rolle and Jerome James Francis Etienne. Married to Andrea G. Rolle-Francis, they have two daughters; Janae Latoya Francis, a graduate of Allegany College of Maryland, and Jessica Lee Francis a graduate Potomac State College West Virginia University in Kyser West Virginia. Jeffrey was coaching the sport of baseball from 1980 at the age of 18 years old because he loved the sport as a kid. He started listening to the game over the radio out of Miami Florida in the late 60s and in the early 70s started playing the game locally in various local leagues right up to the premier senior league; a league where all of the current Bahamian minor leaguers played. In 1982, Jeffrey had an invite to a three day tryout with the New York Yankees in Hollywood Florida, which was an awesome experience that is lasting a life time memory for him. Jeffrey has been following the Bahamian baseball players in the minor leagues since 1999 with Angelo Burrows, but found greater interest with the signing of Antoan Richardson in 2005. He also writes a year end review on their play on his Facebook page, Baseball Bahamas, and he has a website with the same name. He has a great following and would love to expose the baseball players to a bigger worldwide audience. He has a good relationship with all the players because he personally coached most of them. His favorite MLB Team is the Detroit Tigers from 1969.

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