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Legends on Deck Celebrates Father’s Day

Baseball and Father’s Day, is there any combination more fitting?  I was thinking about some of our recent articles and podcast episodes at LOD and how they coincidentally led up to today.  About a month ago, I wrote What Legends on Deck Means to Me:  Connecting the Generations Through Baseball.  This article was primarily autobiographical, in that it further explains why I love writing, talking and learning about the game of baseball.  Here’s a snippet of that article, but I encourage you to read the whole thing:

One of my favorite days on the baseball calendar is the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies in Cooperstown.  Every year, when you hear the players give their speeches, you’ll hear one common theme throughout; family and primarily, fathers.  There are certainly other traditions with longer roots of being passed on through the generations (fishing and hunting come to mind).  But, in the modern world, baseball has been one of those traditions.

Talking About Dad

We’ve also had a number of recent episodes of the Legends on Deck Podcast that fit the Father’s Day theme.  In LOD Podcast, Episode 37:  Building Your Baseball Bucket List with Anna DiTommaso, Anna tells the backstory of how her father bringing her to Texas Rangers games at the Ballpark in Arlington was the beginning for her love for the game.  LOD Podcast, Episode 38:  Bonding Through Baseball with Chris Risola Sr. & Jr. was a chat with both a father and son who shared their baseball journey.  And, in LOD Podcast, Episode 41:  From High School to the Majors with Brian Milner, we talked with former MLB catcher, coach and scout Brian Milner who’s son, Hoby Milner, is currently a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers.

All three of these episodes were produced because they were interesting stories on their own.  But, all three have a certain connection to Father’s Day, in their own way.  I also recently recalled one of my favorite moments in recent baseball history, the 2018 Home Run Derby.  This is when Bryce Harper captured the Home Run Derby title with his dad, Ron Harper, throwing pitches.

So, Dads take your day to enjoy your kids and kids take some time to appreciate your dads.  And, don’t forget, between the College World Series and a full day on the MLB schedule, there’s plenty of baseball to enjoy.  Maybe even, have a catch?

Happy Father’s Day!

Brian is the Managing Editor at Legends on Deck and Co-Host on Legends On Deck Podcast. He's been writing about baseball at LOD since 2017. He grew up in the Detroit area and is a lifelong Tigers fan. However, he shares some affinity for his son George's favorite team, the Atlanta Braves. Brian also has a particular interest in the amateur side of the game, including high school, college and collegiate summer league baseball. Brian and George also love collecting and selling baseball cards. You can find them selling on eBay (@Kossball) or posting on George's Instagram (@Kossball). Brian lives in Horizon West (Winter Garden), Florida with his wife (Grace), three daughters and George the Card Kid. You can also reach him at

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