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Legends on Deck Podcast, Episode 16: Connecting the Generations with “Home Run” Felix and Papa Bruce

Every once in a while there’s a baseball story that tugs at your heartstrings.  When the video of nine year old Sioux Falls, South Dakota ballplayer Felix gifting his first home run baseball to his grandpa, Bruce, it was that kind of moment.

The grandson-grandfather duo have been all over interviewing with media outlets in the past month. Brian and David were able to catch up with Felix and Bruce for an enjoyable chat about baseball.  Felix credits his “Papa” Bruce for introducing him to baseball and teaching him all about the game.  Turns out Bruce and his brothers grew up around the game and he’s passed that love on to his grandson.

The Felix and Bruce story reminds us of our own fathers and grandfathers, from whom we learned about baseball.  It reminds us that baseball is one of the few things in modern life that truly connects the generations.

Enjoy Episode 16 of the Legends on Deck Podcast!


Intro Voice Over – 12-Year MLB Vet Michael Tucker

Videos Courtesy of the Carrier-Damon Family


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