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Legends on Deck Podcast, Episode 3: Mentoring The Next Leaders In The Game

In episode three of the Legends on Deck Podcast, Brian and David are joined by Mike Fernland and Dave “De Jota” Cruz.  We discuss Mike’s journey through college baseball and his work today.

  • Mike Fernland is the owner of Dyna5ty by Choice, a training program for young ballplayers in Ocala (FL).  We discuss his experience playing college baseball at Miami-Dade College and Stetson University and coaching collegiate summer ball.  As a coach and mentor, he’s focused on getting players the tools they need to play at the college level.
  • Dave Cruz is one of the products of Fernland’s mentorship.  He joins us as a Special Guest.  Cruz has taken his passion and experience and has created North Shore Performance for young players in Staten Island (NY).

The Mike Fernland and Dave Cruz stories are a great example of what Legends on Deck is all about.  Two ballplayers who have taken their passion for the game and aimed it towards developing the stars of the future.


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