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Legends on Deck Returns to Bananaland

The Savannah Bananas are in Tampa, Florida this weekend for another stop along the Banana Ball World Tour.  While in Friday night’s game they played their arch rival, the Party Animals, on Saturday the Bananas will face members of the MLB Players Alumni Association.  The MLBPAA team has announced Bronson Arroyo (see Dylan Spaulding’s recent interview) as their starting pitcher for Saturday’s game.  In Tampa, the MLBPAA team will be coached by the infamous Lou Piniella.

Back in March, the MLBPAA team included former MLB stars like Johnny Damon and Jonny Gomes; and coached by Dave Stewart.  Here’s a look at that March 11 game:

LOD’s Banana History

Legends on Deck has been covering the Savannah Bananas since the summer of 2021.  During that time, Banana Ball was in it’s infancy and the Bananas were still members of the Coastal Plain League.  Our Managing Editor, Brian Koss, landed an interview with owner Jesse Cole and scored media access (and seats) for an early look at Banana Ball on July 4, 2021.  As they say, the rest is history and the Bananas  have become one of the most popular brands in the baseball world.

The LOD Podcast has also dedicated three episodes to Bananas content, featuring Coach Tyler Gillum, The Young Professor (In-Game Host) and Dalton Cornett (Party Animal).  Here’s a look back at LOD’s coverage:

Meet Jesse Cole:  Savannah’s Top Banana

  • An inside look into the mind of the man in the yellow tux.  Learn about Jesse Cole’s background in baseball and his journey to creating one of the most unique brands in all of sports.  He’s gone on to write several books, give motivational speeches and take the Bananas fully independent.

One Night in Bananaland

  • This is the story of Brian Koss’ personal account in his visit to Grayson Stadium on July 4, 2021.  He relives his on-field and in the crowd experience, highlighting the people and rituals that make the Savannah Bananas so unique.

Going Bananas with Coach Tyler Gillum (LOD Podcast, Episode 7)

  • At the time, Tyler Gillum was coaching for South Mountain Community College in the spring.  He spent his summers in Savannah coaching the Bananas.  Soon after, he was named the full time Manager for the Banana Ball World Tour.

Hosting the Game with The Young Professor  (LOD Podcast, Episode 24)

  • Matt Graifer (aka The Young Professor) has made his name as an In-Game Host with the Savannah Bananas, Daytona Tortugas and many other sporting events.  Since our interview, Matt has joined the Bananas for their entire Banana Ball World Tour and is making himself known with his own unique style of entertainment.

The Life of a Party Animal with Dalton Cornett (LOD Podcast, Episode 30)

  • LOD gains a new perspective on Banana Ball from Dalton Cornett, who plays for the Party Animals.  Dalton has been on tour playing Banana Ball since 2022.  He shares his journey from the small town of Pippa Passes (KY) to the bright lights of Bananaland.

Legends on Deck x The Savannah Bananas, the Next Chapter

We look forward to sharing with our LOD followers an up-close experience of the Banana Ball World Tour.  Stay tuned to our social media accounts for pictures, video and live-streams from George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.  You can watch the Bananas take on the MLBPAA live on YouTube at 7pm.  It’s time to go Bananas!

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