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Let The Games Begin

Finally today, Major League Baseball 2019 begins and I could not be happier! No more sitting around watching The Bachelor and Housewives of every city on the face of the Earth.

This is as big as celebrating the first day of Spring. Warmer days are coming and you can start putting away the winter clothes and put some spring attire.

It is baseball season and this year looks like it will be one of the best. So many extensions signed and new young stars are promoted. Well, the exception are the Miami Marlins as they continue to play in purgatory wondering how often they will hear the sound of echos in a cave they call Marlins Park.

But It is baseball and here are my predictions for 2019.

The Mets will win the National League East, the Cardinals in the Central, and the Dodgers in the West.

The Wild Card will go to the Nationals and Rockies.

Over to the American League, I see the Yankees winning the East, the Twins in the Central and the Angels in the West.

The Wildcard goes to the Red Sox and Rays.

The winners of the NL pennant will be the Mets and the AL pennant goes to the Red Sox.

The Mets should win in 6 games provided the Bosox find the nightmare of Mookie Wilson too great to handle. Then again, they have their own Mookie to break that curse.

Well, I can dream, right? I can hope that Brodie Van Wagenen’s New Deal will deliver the goods and bring the World Series back to Queens.

So good luck to every team. They all have an equal chance on Opening Day. May the best team win, they usually do.

Joe is an avid fan of sports. He enjoys engaging in good conversation about topics of interest. He seeks knowledge that is applicable to the betterment and growth of my life and the lives of others. Born and raised in New York, Joe loves watching and rooting for the New York Mets.

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