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Let’s Call It A Comeback

If you know of me, then you would think that the title of this post relates to me writing an article again for the first time in nearly a year. But even if that is true, I just wanted to get back on the wagon and share about the fact that baseball has finally come back and I am loving it.

Now most reading this would say, ‘Where has David been, baseball never really went away sort to speak?’

Well, last March when the Covid pandemic first hit the states, I am sure that I was not alone when I say that none of us knew what we were in store for and how much it would affect our lives. In a way, it did some good to slow us down and help to appreciate what life has given us, but when it comes to sports, which can bring some joy into people’s lives, it kind of sucked not to be able to attend games for safety reasons.  Now please do not get me wrong, I totally understand what we were faced with and how MLB had to take precautions, but now, nearly a year later, it brings me so much joy to finally sit down and watch a game on TV and hear live fans in the stands. Covid truly changed how we live our lives, but the sport is back and its a game changer.

My life has changed where now my Loan Officer position has me working from home and even though it can become kind of lonely at times, it does work for our family dynamic. Some have asked that now I should have more time to write, well one would think, but not really. Actually, today on April 17th, is actually the first time I have sat down to watch a baseball game, and its a good one as the Yankees and Rays are in a nail biter, with the Rays up 2-1 early on in the game. I was hoping to catch the Mets against the Rockies, but snow has postponed two games so far this weekend. Better then being postponed because of Covid, which means guys are healthy and able to play games.

I do have one disclaimer to share, that I do live in a state that last summer allowed youth sports to start up again and my kids were allowed to compete again. It was nothing normal how the games and what the rules were, but it just brought back some normalcy into their lives. But at the time, watching MLB games on TV and seeing cardboard boxes in the stands, just didn’t feel right and I could not get into the games.

It all just did not feel real as if we were all living in the same bad dream. The other part of last summer was not being able to follow the minor league games as they were totally shut down for the season. We live in a Minor League city and other than youth sports and MLB, not having the local guys compete was a bummer.

But now, this feels good. Baseball is back and it feels normal again. Well as normal as it can actually be.


Side Note

To all the families that have lost someone due to Covid-19, my prayers go out to each and everyone of you. To anyone that may be dealing with the virus even now, I pray that you are able to recover quickly. My post was not in any way to demean anyone or take away from the pandemic, but just my view on how happy I am that the game is back and in full swing, which helps to take our minds off what the world has to offer now, even if its just for nine innings a day.

David is the Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Legends On Deck®, as well as a Co-Host on Legends On Deck Podcast. David was a Senior Editor for, and Contributor for that spanned from 2010 to 2014. David made his MLB Debut as a writer in June 2014, while covering the NY Mets at Citi Field, for David also managed his Cape Coral 16U Rec Ball team for the past two seasons and on May 13, 2024 they won their league Championship. On May 15th, David started the first ever Legends on Deck 16U Travel Baseball team in SWFL. David's passion is teaching the game he loves to the future Legends of Tomorrow as well as making available a website that people can have fun sharing and reading. David is also passionate about his career as a Mortgage Loan Officer which allows him to help many families reach their dreams of owning a home. Connect with David via his Social Media pages as he loves to chat all about baseball.

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