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LOD Podcast, Episode 22: Chasing the Dream with Scott Combs

Scott Combs played college baseball at Michigan State and Northern Illinois University.  A native of Northville (MI), Scott grew up playing multiple sports, but accelerated in his enthusiasm for baseball later in high school.  The son of an aspiring professional ballplayer, Scott has battled injuries and rehabilitated his arm to allow him to purse his dreams at the next level.

Brian and David caught up with Scott to discuss his career development and how he’s preparing for the 2023 season.  He is headed out to Palm Springs (CA) to play in the California Winter League later this month.  From there, Scott hopes to gain exposure from MLB affiliate teams as well as from independent league franchises looking to sign players for 2023.

We look forward to following Scott Combs career in 2023 and wish him the best of luck with his upcoming season!

You can follow Scott on Twitter:  @ScottCombs_12


Intro Voice Over – 12 Year MLB Vet – Michael Tucker

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Video and Photo Courtesy of Scott Combs & Michigan State University Twitter Page

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