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LOD Podcast, Episode 26: Cooperstown South with Joe Massoni (A-Mays-ing Sports Cards)

Joe Massoni is a lifelong baseball fan who loves to share his passion through his hobby.  The owner of A-Mays-ing Sports Cards is a native of New Jersey, who’s family migrated to Florida in his teens.  Whether it was playing baseball as a young man, attending a game at Shea Stadium or collecting cards and memorabilia, Joe’s enthusiasm for baseball has remained strong throughout the years.

We discuss the life-size statue of the Great Bambino in the background, his approach to the card business and even learn the backstory of the name,  A-Mays-ing Sports Cards.  Brian, David and Joe all weigh in on the importance of passing baseball down to the next generation.  Check out this free ranging baseball conversation in Episode 26 of the Legends on Deck Podcast!

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Podcast Intro – Matt Graifer – The Young Professor. Live In-Game Host for the Savannah Bananas and The Daytona Tortugas.

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