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LOD Podcast, Episode 32: The Independent Route with Mike Gulino


Mike Gulino is a catcher for the High Point Rockers of the Atlantic League.  After his college career at Pace University (NY), Gulino pursued a route so many other young ballplayers might not have considered; he built a career playing independent league baseball.

Brian and David spoke with Mike about his early days in the game, his career path and how he battled back from a seemingly career ending injury.  Learn more about how Gulino credits the GOATA (see Episode 19) method for his rehabilitation and approach to physical fitness.

Tune in to Episode 32 of the LOD Podcast to learn more about Mike Guilino’s pursuit of his baseball dreams!

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Intro: Michael Tucker – 12 Year MLB Veteran

Music: Stock Music & Alex Productions

Photos and Videos: Courtesy of Mike Gulino


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