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LOD Podcast, Episode 37: Building Your Baseball Bucket List with Anna DiTommaso

If you are baseball fan who’s passionate about visiting ballparks, this episode is for you!  Anna DiTommoso is the founder of Baseball Bucket List, a website dedicated to building a community of baseball fans who want to share their ballpark experiences.  Baseball Bucket List is an interactive website where baseball fans can chronicle their ballpark journeys and plan their next trips.

In addition to the website, Anna also hosts the Baseball Bucket List Podcast, where she interviews fans who share their unique ballpark experiences.  In this episode, Anna shares with Brian and David, her personal story of growing up in both the Dallas and Tampa Bay area watching the Rangers and Rays with her father.  And from there, how ballparks visits became a true passion project for her.

Check out Episode 37 of the Legends on Deck Podcast and share your own personal ballpark experiences with us!

Also be sure to visit the Ballpark Bucket List website, listen to Ballpark Bucket List Podcast on your favorite platform and follow them on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).


You can also listen to the podcast on Spotify.

Intro: Michael Tucker – 12 Year MLB Veteran

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Photos: Courtesy of Anna DiTommaso

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