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LOD Podcast, Episode 46: The Soundtrack to Savannah with Mark “The Shark” Ediss

If you have ever been a part of the Savannah Bananas experience, you know how much lively a game of Banana Ball can be.  You might have also realized the music and sound effects never stop.  We are happy to report that Legends on Deck went behind the booth (so to speak) for a conversation with Bananas DJ and PA Announcer, Mark “The Shark” Ediss.

The Shark takes us through his journey in the radio business, which he began at a very began at a very early age.  While he grew up in the Philadelphia area and his a die hard Phillies fan, work has taken Mark to different parts of the country.  He gained experience as a PA announcer through various minor league organizations.  All roads eventually led him to Savannah.

The Shark has played a critical role in the Bananas success since the beginning.  He shares with Brian and David his origin story with the Bananas and how he’s been a part of the organizations rise to fame.  Ask anyone associated with the team and they’ll tell you that what Mark does behind the booth makes the whole operation tick.

Join us for a trip back to Bananaland in Episode 46 with Mark “The Shark” Ediss!

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Intro: Matt Graifer “The Young Professor”

Photo and Video: Courtesy of Mark Ediss

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