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LOD Podcast, Episode 49: Looking Back at Episodes 1-48

As the Legends on Deck Podcast moves toward our 50th podcast, Brian and David take a look back at Episodes 1-48.  As we have said in the past, once we got past 20 episode, we believed the LOD Podcast had staying power.  Covering a wide variety of topics and interviewing an array of guest has allowed the LOD Podcast to grow in unexpected ways.

Our co-hosts reminisce about previous episodes, the unique conversations and the connections that LOD has made as a result of our guest-centered approach to podcasting.  The Legends on Deck team would like to thank our listeners, readers, contributors and followers for helping to grow our platforms.  In less than two years, we’ve taken the LOD Podcast from an idea to 48 unique episodes.

Thank you for the support and we look forward everything yet to come!

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Intro: Michael Tucker– 12 Year MLB Veteran
Music: All the Way Up – Instrumental (Youtube)

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