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Meet Drew Romo, The Next Switch-Hitting Gold Glove Catcher


Drew Romo drafted to the Colorado Rockies (via Drew Romo’s twitter @drewromo23)

Drew Romo may not be the highest-rated prospect in the Colorado Rockies organization, but he is currently playing like one. He is coming into the 2021 year as the Rockies tenth-best prospect via I had the chance to interview Drew Romo to learn more about his style and baseball career. Before we get into the interview it is very important that we get to know who exactly who this young Drew Romo kid is. At just age 19, Drew Romo was selected as a first-round pick in last year’s 2020 draft with the 35th overall pick. In his first professional year, Romo finds himself playing in Low-A with the Fresno Grizzlies alongside Rockies highest-rated prospect Zac Veen.

The special traits Romo has is that he is a great defensive catcher with switch-hitting capability, as we will touch on in the interview. Drew Romo is a 6’1 205 lb catcher with some of the best pop times in the minor leagues. He has an ETA of 2024 which is not surprising considering this is his first year in the minors and is only 19 years of age. Romo was selected straight out of high school in the first round because of his gold glove ability behind the plate. These traits include great speed, the ability to block well, and his quick hands. Luckily for Drew, he also has a great bat.

With switch-hitting potential at the catcher position, he offers quite a lot of leverage. This year, Romo is hitting (.294) BA on the year with eleven (11) doubles, two (2) triples, and four (4) home runs on the year. Romo also has a great eye for the plate, only striking out (28) times. Don’t discount Romo’s speed either, considering he has seven (7) stolen bases on the year. All in all, Drew Romo is impressing a lot of people in his minor league rookie career, but I’ll let him explain it all.

Drew Romo

CE: Alright Drew, how do you handle the pressure of being a highly-touted prospect, picked in the first round, at just the age of 19? That has to come with a lot of pressure right?

DR:   It does come with some pressure but, I think now that I’ve got my feet wet in the minor leagues and played some games the pressure is off. Just doing my thing everyday trying to get better and help my team win games!

CE: I’ve got to ask because it’s so rare for a switch-hitting catcher. What benefits have you found being a switch-hitting catcher, and maybe some of the negatives?

DR:  For me being a switch-hitter, it is very benefical, but it is also a lot of hard work. All the work I do on one side I have to do on the other so it takes double the time. I would say that it’s worth it!

Minor Leagues

CE: What actions are you taking in the minors this year to continue to work towards that gold glove catcher potential?

DR: I’m always working on my defense! I think working with my pitchers and working with my coaches. It definetly helps each and everyday. I think with time I’m going to develop and get better so I’m thankful for that!

CE: Due to covid and others reasons, I’m sure there are quite a lot of people who don’t know about you. If you could explain your playstyle to fans who aren’t familiar with your work, how would you explain it?

DR: For the fans who haven’t seen my play, I would say my playstyle is very hard. I always try and play with all my energy and all my effort. I try to leave it all out on the field. Even with the little things like running, running out on the field and back to the dougout. Sprining out on ground-balls. I always try and do my best. Always trying to leave an impression on people who come to see us play!

Career Goals

CE: In the most general way possible, what are some of your goals in your career?

DR: I would probably say when I was younger I wanted to win an MVP, and be the best player. Now that I’ve gotten older and kind of matured I realized that my main goal really is to help the Colorado Rockies win their first world series. That’s my main goal each and every day. I’m trying to help my team win games, and I’m trying to help my teammates develop and get better. So that one day we can reach that goal of winning a world series.

CE: With it being your first year in professional baseball, it is difficult to perform well at such a young age, but you are playing fantastic this year! What are some adjustments you have made that are allowing you to play this well?

DR: This is my first year of professional baseball. It is difficult but some of these adjustments that I’ve made to help play pretty good so far is that, being on my own really. Out here with no family. Being with my teammates. One of the most important things I realized is that being a good teammate, being a good person, getting along well with my coaches, and trying to get better each and everyday, that’s pretty much it!

So that is all! Right now it may not seem like Drew Romo should be on your radar. That couldn’t be more wrong! After getting to know him a bit more, learning about all the steps he is taking, it’s going to be hard to keep your eye off of Drew Romo. Once again, Drew is only in his first year, but he is already turning heads in the Rockies organization.



Christopher is a current college student in central Florida and has a passion for the Colorado Rockies and their organizations. Growing up as a Rays fan and learning to love the game of minor league baseball with the Florida state league. Now obsessed with MLB prospects and their journeys to the MLB explains his passion to write about them. Chris has many paths in media, hosting a podcast for the Jacksonville Jaguars called "Duuuval Radio" and has appeared on many episodes of the Flowshow. Chris has called games to small audiences for Baseball and College basketball locally. With a future in media on its way, Chris has built a name in the social media world with the contacts that he has in the minor leagues.

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