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Mets Once Again Fail Their Fan Base

The New York Mets are faced with another month of meaningless baseball and instead of making the right choices to give their fan base something to cheer for, they decide against any sort of that thinking.

Back on the farm, David Wright is working his way back to be able to play on the major league club again.  If you have been out of the country for a few years or just not following baseball, then you wouldn’t know that Wright has not played in a major league game since the 2016 season due to injuries/surgery to his neck and back.

But the Captain has worked his way back into playing games, with a recent rehab stint with Class A Advanced Port St. Lucie Mets, batting .188 (6 for 32), but with the six hits actually coming in his last 18 at bats (.333). Wright was also been promoted to the Triple A Las Vegas 51s as the Mets are likely looking to see how he adjusts to the change in levels.

In an article posted on Tuesday by Mets beat writer Anthony DiComo, Mets Assistant GM John Ricco was not giving any promises that the Mets would honor Wright’s hard work with a call back to the majors, “It’s unrealistic to think that he would be activated anytime soon based on what we’ve seen to this point,” Ricco said.

Well even as those words were muttered, Wright started at 3B in Tuesday nights game with the 51s, batted in the cleanup spot and went 1 for 4, with a single.

But of course it’s typical Mets response as they would praise what Jose Reyes (batting below .200 all season) means to this team being a leader for Amed Rosario, but won’t reward Wright in a meaningless season. But if Wright keeps hitting and playing full games, Ricco will have to eat his words.

As a long-suffering Mets fan, this season is lost, has been for a while now, and if I am going to the park, do you think I want to see a Reyes strikeout or see Wright come to bat, knowing what it has taken him to get back on the field. You are right, I would pick the latter.

I am not expecting Wright to come in and be a savior, but who knows what will happen next season, just bring him up, he is our Captain, he deserves to be treated better.  At least he is trying to be on the field and not just take the Mets money and sitting on the DL. If you ask me, Wright’s return world be a great lesson to the younger guys on what it takes to be a professional baseball player. Wright may never show us what he did all those years putting up great numbers, but I guarantee, if the Captain is scheduled to be in a game at Citi Field in September, the fans will fill that stadium and give him a standing ovation. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see for all Mets fans and the players. Wake up Mets front office and do the right thing, this is not the Tim Tebow circus you all wanted, this is one of your own, treat him right.

Alonso Gets the Shaft

Here you have the franchise player [Wright] who has been working so hard to get back on the field and the Mets are not thinking about bringing him up, then you have the Mets #2 Prospect who has torn up AA and AAA pitching this season, and was told he will not be called up in September. WHY NOT?!!!

I am a fan of the Mets players, but I sometimes wish they had a different name on the front of their jerseys.

The Mets Peter Alonso has 18 home runs in 60 games with the 51s, 35 combined between AA and AAA so far in 2018 and instead of rewarding him with a promotion to the bigs, they tell the kid, ‘Nope not gonna happen.’  Wow, what a way to bust a bubble of a young man who believed if he busted his butt and put up good numbers he would be rewarded. But once again, these are the Mets we are talking about, they don’t care about truly developing stars, they waste them away in the minors until the business side of baseball says its time.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s really disheartening and disappointing, because one of the things that people tell you is as long as you are successful, you’re going to be in the big leagues,” Alonso said to

Alonso continued, “It’s just one of those things where I understand it’s an organizational decision, and at the end of the day, I have to respect that. But it’s really disheartening because I feel like I’ve performed, and am deserving of a reward. At the end of the day when you look up, it’s like, what else can you do? I guess the answer is nothing.”

So what else does Alonso need to prove to the Mets and the fans, exactly what he said, nothing. So you have one of your best sluggers in your farm system about to leave the season feeling deflated. If I could talk to him I would say, ‘Hey kid you did exactly what you were supposed to do, but don’t let the business of baseball ruin you, keep pushing along and force their hand, because eventually they will have to cave and make the move, if they really want to win.’

Once again Typical Mets front office decisions, as they continue to fail their fan base.

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