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Mets Pete Alonso Not Considered a Top 5 First Baseman by MLB Network

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Say it Aint So, Pete Alonso, Say it Aint So.

Well what does MLB Network really know.

On, MLB Network released their Top 10 First baseman for 2024, and the New York Mets Pete Alonso was not in the Top 5. Well that must be a mistake.

Lets run down their list:

#10 – Triston Casas – Boston Red Sox

#9 – Christian Walker – Arizona Diamond Backs

#8 – Brandon Belt – Toronto Blue Jays

#7  – Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – Toronto Blue Jays

#6 – Pete Alonso – New York Mets

#5 – Yandy Diaz – Tampa Bay Rays

#4 – Paul Goldschmidt – St. Louis Cardinals

#3 – Matt Olson – Atlanta Braves

#2 – Bryce Harper – Philadelphia Phillies

#1 – Freddie Freeman – Los Angeles Dodgers

So looking at this list, there are some powerhouse first baseman that can do some real damage in games, but I still feel like Alonso is way too low.

Over the past five seasons, he leads the majors in home runs and RBIs, his batting average did drop in 2023 to just .217, but the 3-time all star slugged 46 home runs and drove in 118 runs, while appearing in 154 games. That is still a very solid season and a threat at the plate.

There is no doubt that Alonso can change the game with one swing of his bat, and has been slick at first base with just six errors in 1111 total chances in 2023. Overall in his career, he has just 39 errors in 4,693 total chances.

With comparing to their Top 5, Alonso is the youngest of the five at just 29 years old entering the 2024 season. Aside from the 2020 season, where baseball played just 60 games, his numbers have been prolific in the middle of the Mets lineup.

At #5,  Yandy Diaz is a solid ball player, but has he commanded the attention of the fans and opposing players as Alonso has done since he joined the league in 2019. Alonso’s knack for getting the clutch hit or monster home run has been by far one of the best bats in baseball over the last half decade.

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Now don’t get me wrong Diaz is a power threat at the plate, but is he just not that much better than Alonso.

In 2023, Diaz hit 22 home runs, batted .330 and had his best overall season in the majors since he made his debut in 2017, which is great to see him put it all together, but he is not Pete Alonso yet.

Paul Goldschmidt at #4 has had a solid 13 years, with 340 home runs, 1122 total RBIs and a career .293 batting average, which shows he has been solid at the plate over his career. In 2023, his power numbers declined from the previous five seasons, not including the 2020 Covid shortened season. And at 36 years old, can he continue to be that power threat on a day to day basis and will he rebound and put up another 30+ home run season? With that question, he is still better than Alonso.

Matt Olson, sitting at #3, has been a power threat at his position for the past seven seasons, and his amazing 2023 season where he hit a staggering 54 home runs was just his coming out party as a bat in the Braves lineup. But can he do it again?, or was that just one of those years. He does have stability as he showed by playing in 162 games in each of the past two seasons, and when this season starts, he will just be turning 30 years old, which means he is entering his prime. A great recipe for another great season.

My gripe with Bryce Harper in the #2 slot is that he has only played at first base 38 times in his career, with 36 coming in 2023.  So can you truly consider him on this list or should he be considered on the DH list instead. Well Harper is the face of baseball and he has put up the big numbers especially in the postseason for the Phillies, but you can’t truly consider him a top first baseman until he puts more miles in the position.

As for Freddie Freeman, he is a stud period. His numbers may not be Alonso numbers over the past five seasons, but he is and should be by far the best first baseman in all of baseball. Solid overall player that shows up for his team time and time again.

So if I had to redo this Top 5 list, it would be from 1-5: Freeman, Olson, Alonso, Goldschmidt and Diaz. Give us a full Harper season at first base and maybe I will reconsider his place in the Top 5 for 2025.

The list focuses mostly on their stats at the plate more so than playing the position, but overall Pete Alonso makes his team better with a bat in his hands, as well as when he is manning first base.

And one other thing to note, he did sign a one year contract with the Mets through the 2024 season, and then he can become a free agent in the offseason, so with that in mind, this summer might be one of the best he has had thus far in the majors.

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