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MLB Trade Deadline: NL Central

Buyers or Sellers?

Cincinnati Reds– Sellers

  • W-L:     40-61 (5th NL Central)

The Reds have made it clear Jay Bruce is on the trade block. Bruce may be one of the best bats on the market, however the amount of solid outfielders in the market is also high. This only means the Reds may get a little less than hoped. Cincy wants to start over and even move Brandon Phillips, but that would be pending his no-trade clause. The Reds are definitely sellers.

Chicago Cubs – WINNERS

  • W-L:     61-40 (1st NL Central)
Al Bello / Getty Images

Al Bello / Getty Images

I know this is only a buyers and sellers, but the Cubs already won the deadline. The Cubs acquired Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees, giving up plenty of their prospects including Gleyber Torres (#1 overall prospect). Even if the Yankees won this deal long term, the Cubs have made their post season chase legitimate. They are the team to beat– stand pat and win the Fall Classic.

Milwaukee Brewers – Sellers

  • W-L:    44-56 (4th NL Central)
Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

The Brewers have too many holes throughout the entire organization. The only way to fill those holes is to deal Ryan Braun and Jonathan Lucroy. Jeremy Jeffress and Will Smith are another two pieces many teams have talked about. Anytime looking for some power off the bench, might even go to the Brewers to acquire Chris Carter. The Brewers are full of trade bait.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Buyers

  • W-L:     52-48 (3rd NL Central)
Darr Beiser / USA TODAY Sports

Darr Beiser / USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates won’t be making major moves. But don’t count them out on Rich Hill. They wouldn’t be afraid to dump a top minor league bat to bolster that rotation and get them into the playoffs. Other than that, they’ll stand pat. They’ve already brought their top pitching prospects so they’re not hesitant to continue doing so.

St. Louis Cardinals – Buyers

  • W-L:     55-47 (2nd NL Central)
G. Flume / Getty Images

G. Flume / Getty Images

I don’t expect much from the Cardinals, maybe a minor trade for a reliever. But for the most part the Cardinals are coming to form, they don’t have too many needs and they’re not willing to give up their long term prospects for a one year boost.

Steven Cardona currently works for the Tampa Bay Rays in their baseball operations department. Much of his past experience focused on player personnel, departmental administration, research and development. Prior to joining the Rays, Steven worked for the Miami Marlins and the New York Mets. The Naples, Florida native graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s of science in Business Management.

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