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MLB Trade Deadline: NL East

Buyers or Sellers?

Atlanta Braves– Sellers

  • W-L:     35-67 (5th NL East)
Daniel Shirey / USA Today

Daniel Shirey / USA Today

The Atlanta Braves won’t be huge sellers but they definitely won’t be buyers. Their farm system has gotten great fast. They won’t be moving Freddie Freeman and they won’t be moving Julio Teheran, unless they’re offered a deal that can’t be turned down. They’ll look to bring up prospects across the next couple years, but for now they’ll stand pat. Watch them to trade Nick Markakis.

Miami Marlins – Buyers

  • W-L:     55-47 (2nd NL East)
Steve Mitchell / USA Today Sports

Steve Mitchell / USA Today Sports

The Marlins may have already fulfilled a need. Rumor has it they have acquired Andrew Cashner from the Padres (Reported by ESPN). The Marlins are staying afloat and are closing in on the top wild card spot. Real postseason waves are being surfed in Miami and the Fish don’t want to stop. They have already acquired Fernando Rodney and they’re still looking for another reliever.

New York Mets – Buyers

  • W-L:    53-48 (3rd NL Central)
Neil Miller / NY Post

Neil Miller / NY Post

The banged up Mets are definitely underperforming. They can take this deadline in two directions, completely dismantle this roster and call up some of the farm prospects or they can sell some prospects and boost their first base and catcher situation with solid veterans. With that young rotation being capable of dominance, I’d prefer to see the latter. Go get Jonathan Lucroy.

Philadelphia Phillies  – Buyers

  • W-L:     47-57 (4th NL East)

The Phillies are in a rebuild stage, they’ve done most of the selling already, but players like Jeremy Hellickson are still available. They’re moving forward beyond 2016 and looking to contend for many years to come with a solid youth movement.

Washington Nationals – Buyers

  • W-L:     60-42 (1st NL East)
USA Today

USA Today

Andrew Miller. That is all that needs to be said here. Jonathan Papelbon is gone after the year ends so get yourself a new closer just in time for the playoffs. Bring a title to Washington DC before the chaos of the 2016 Presidential Election strikes.

Steven Cardona currently works for the Tampa Bay Rays in their baseball operations department. Much of his past experience focused on player personnel, departmental administration, research and development. Prior to joining the Rays, Steven worked for the Miami Marlins and the New York Mets. The Naples, Florida native graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s of science in Business Management.

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