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MLB Trade Deadline: NL West

Buyers or Sellers?

Arizona Diamondbacks  Sellers

  • W-L: 41-59 (5th in NL West)

The Diamondbacks don’t want to sell too much, as they’ve got a good young core. It isn’t their time yet, so it’s time to make minor sells — Brad Ziegler to Boston. Dave Stewart is ready to pull the trigger on the right offer. Keep Paul Goldschmidt and Co. Minor Sells only Mr. Stewart, or just stay put.

Colorado Rockies Sellers

  • W-L: 48-52 (3rd in NL West)

What a Story in Colorado. Trevor Story has made the departure of Troy Tulowitzki seeming painless. David Dahl has come up and is ready to make a name for himself as well. With that being said, it’s time to rely on the system and acquire more prospects as the Rockies aren’t ready to contend. Carlos Gonzalez should be on the move. His trade value is higher than it will ever be and they should look to pick up top pitching prospects in return.

Los Angeles Dodgers Buyers

  • W-L: 57-44 (2nd in NL West)
Elsa/ Getty Images

Elsa/ Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers have held their own without Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw has been on the disabled list and it looked like the Dodgers would fall apart without him. They acquired Bud Norris from Atlanta in order to replace him with solid production and now the Dodgers are only two and a half games back. The Giants have played poorly and with a right move to bolster the rotation and with the return of their Cy Young Winner, the Dodgers could see themselves as big time contenders.

San Diego Padres Sellers

  • W-L: 43-58 (4th in NL West)
Charlie Ridel/ AP

Charlie Ridel/ AP

The Padres should be sellers and they’ve already done just that. Drew Pomeranz (Red Sox), James Shields (White Sox), Fernando Rodney (Marlins), and now Melvin Upton Jr. (Blue Jays). San Diego is in a complete rebuild mode. these were four prominent pieces for the underwhelming Padres. But trade season is far from over, the Padres are still looking to move Andrew Cashner and could possibly move another few pieces, like Wil Myers.

San Francisco Giants Buyers

  • W-L: 59-41 (1st in NL West)
 Justin K. Aller/ Getty Images

Justin K. Aller/ Getty Images

The Giants are slumping…. big time and they need to make some even bigger time moves to stay at the top of the league. The Cubs just became an actual super team with the acquisition of flame-thrower, Aroldis Chapman. I cannot say this enough, Carlos Beltran. Beltran is the move San Francisco has to make. With Beltran, the Giants would give the Cubs a run for their money and really have a shot a repeating as the even year champions.

Steven Cardona currently works for the Tampa Bay Rays in their baseball operations department. Much of his past experience focused on player personnel, departmental administration, research and development. Prior to joining the Rays, Steven worked for the Miami Marlins and the New York Mets. The Naples, Florida native graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s of science in Business Management.

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