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Prospects on Deck: P Mick Abel – Phillies

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Mick Abel is a promising pitching prospect in the Philadelphia Phillies organization, known for his impressive repertoire and his ability to dominate opposing batters. A right-handed pitcher, Abel was drafted 15th overall in the 2020 MLB Draft, straight out of high school. Since then, he has been making steady progress through the Phillies’ farm system, showcasing his skills and gaining valuable experience along the way.

In terms of his pitching arsenal, Abel possesses a powerful fastball that frequently reaches the mid-to-upper 90s. This pitch has shown impressive velocity and movement, making it difficult for hitters to make solid contact. Additionally, his fastball has been noted for its late life, which can deceive batters and contribute to a high number of swings and misses.

Aside from his fastball, Abel’s secondary pitches include a sharp slider, a changeup, and a developing curveball. His slider is considered his best secondary offering, with tight break and strong horizontal movement, often resulting in weak contact or strikeouts. His changeup has shown significant progress as he’s climbed through the minor leagues, displaying better command and a deceptive arm action that helps to keep hitters off balance. His curveball, while still a work in progress, has shown flashes of potential, and with further refinement could become a valuable addition to his pitch mix.

Throughout his minor league career, Abel has demonstrated an aptitude for making adjustments and improving his skills. This adaptability has allowed him to succeed against more advanced competition, despite his relatively young age. The Phillies organization has been cautious with Abel’s workload, limiting his innings pitched to ensure his long-term health and development.

Defensively, Abel has shown solid fielding skills on the mound. He has displayed quick reflexes and good decision-making when fielding balls hit back to him, which is crucial for a pitcher’s ability to control the game. This is an often-overlooked aspect of a pitcher’s skill set, but it is essential in preventing extra base hits and minimizing damage during high-pressure situations.

Abel’s mental approach to the game has also garnered praise from coaches and teammates. He demonstrates poise on the mound, maintaining his composure even in high-pressure situations. This level-headedness has helped him navigate tough innings and work out of jams, a skill that is highly valued in a starting pitcher.

In terms of accolades, Abel was named the 2021 Phillies Minor League Pitcher of the Year, a testament to his dominance and potential. As he continues to develop and refine his skills, there is little doubt that he could become a key contributor to the Phillies’ starting rotation in the near future.

Mick Abel is a highly-touted pitching prospect in the Philadelphia Phillies organization, with a bright future ahead of him. His combination of a powerful fastball, effective secondary pitches, solid defense, and mental fortitude makes him a highly-valued asset. As Abel continues to progress through the Phillies’ farm system, it is expected that he will eventually make a significant impact at the Major League level.


Jeremy Cerone is a lifelong baseball fan. As a native Philadelphian, he was born and raised as a Phillies fan. He played second base as a kid, even before Chase Utley made it cool. Later, in college, he adopted the Yankees as his American League team. The Phillies remain securely as his first love in baseball. Sports journalism and commentary have fascinated him since childhood. If Mars fielded a baseball team and played the Atlanta Braves, Jeremy would openly cheer for the Martians.

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