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The 2024 Blaster Box Challenge: Topps Heritage Baseball

As you might have read in The 2024 Blaster Box Challenge: Topps Big League Baseball, my son George and I are partaking in what we’re calling the Blaster Box Challenge.  The basic concept is that we would break, rip and record findings from a variety of 2024 Topps products and compare the hits.  Next up, Topps Heritage Baseball 2024!

Rating System

The evaluation of each blaster box will be based on a number of criteria. First, the overall design aspect of the cards in the box. Which has the best overall design of the base cards? Which inserts are the most appealing? Second, which box is best overall for collectors? If you are someone who likes to collect full sets or team set, which would you prefer? And finally, which is the best for investors or flippers? In other words, which products could get you your money back if you wanted to sell them.


Topps Heritage Baseball 2024 cards are designed to mimic the 1975 Topps set.  The bright colors and bold team name lettering on top with the black background, turn-back-the-clock 49 years.  This is largely the appeal of Heritage.  It serves the purpose of taking older collectors back in time and introduces new audiences to a vintage looking product, potentially sparking interest in the original set.  One other unique thing about 1975 Topps is the autograph printed on the card, which gives it a prestigious look.

2024 Heritage Colton Cowser RC


The 2024 Heritage Baseball set is one of the largest sets of the year, creating a 500 card checklist.  They include MVP and League Leader cards, variety of colored parallels.  With this many cards in the set, there’s all kinds of stuff to be found within these boxes.

Ronald Acuna Jr. NL All-Star


Oneil Cruz Sensations insert


Manny Machado New Age                         Performers insert


2013 League Leaders insert


Similar to Topps Big League, Heritage is known as more of a lower end product, focused on collectors.  But, it doesn’t mean there are not big hits to be found.  On April 25, an Elly De La Cruz Gold Chrome refractor numbered to 5 sold for $2,500 on eBay.  A red ink Elly auto numbered to 75 sold for almost $1,600.

In this particular blaster box, there wasn’t a lot in terms of big hits.  While George pulled in a few of his favorite Braves (Acuna, Riley and Olson), this Esteury Ruiz Chrome refractor numbered to 999 was probably the best card in the whole box.

Final Thoughts

As I stated in the last article, the goal of the Blaster Box Challenge is to give readers a glimpse into each product and to share some of our favorite hits.  Topps Heritage Baseball 2024 offers something unique as it brings back the 1975 Topps design to a younger generations of collectors who never experienced it.  While we enjoyed the product, this particular box comes in below where we landed with Topps Big League 2024.  Next up, 2024 Topps Series One!


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