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The 2024 Blaster Box Challenge: Topps Series Two

As you might have read in The 2024 Blaster Box Challenge: Topps Series One, my son George and I are partaking in what we’re calling the Blaster Box Challenge.  The basic concept is that we would break, rip and record findings from a variety of 2024 Topps products and compare the hits.  Next up, Topps 2024 Series Two!

Topps Series Two is essentially an update on Series One, at least from a base card standpoint.  It does, however, include a variety of new inserts, short prints and new rookie cards.  It also includes updates on players teams, such as Shohei Ohtani o the Dodgers and Juan Soto on the Yankees.  In fact, Juan Soto is gracing the cover of the Series Two box.

Rating System

The evaluation of each blaster box will be based on a number of criteria. First, the overall design aspect of the cards in the box. Which has the best overall design of the base cards? Which inserts are the most appealing? Second, which box is best overall for collectors? If you are someone who likes to collect full sets or team set, which would you prefer? And finally, which is the best for investors or flippers? In other words, which products could get you your money back if you wanted to sell them.


As mentioned previously, I am a big fan of the overall design on the 2024 Topps product.  I wrote specifically about this in Topps Reveals 2024 Series One Design, back in January.  The base card design is the same for Series Two, so not much has changed here.  Here’s a look at the Shohei on the Dodgers.


Topps Series Two offers a few different styles of inserts than Series One.  One of them being the 1989 35th Anniversary All-Star Card.  We happened to pull a Willie Mays, oddly enough just a few days after his passing.  There’s also a whole variety of colored parallels for those who chase the rainbow of colors.

Willie Mays 1989 Style All Star


Corbin Carroll Covering the Field insert


Matt Chapman Blue Foil parallel


Given that this box was not a typical blaster box you’d pull off the shelf at Walmart, the Fanatics value box offers unique Aqua parallels.  Our best card of the entire box was most likely the Gunnar Henderson Aqua, featuring the iconic Topps All Star Rookie cup.  Fresh off his Rookie of the Year season, Henderson has been one of the most impactful players in all of baseball in 2024, as we’ve documented here at Legends on Deck.  This card has already been submitted to SGC for grading.  They are currently running a $9 special on anything from Topps Series Two until July 15th.

Final Thoughts

Topps Series Two is largely a follow up to Topps Series One, in that it provides a number of updates on players teams and rookies.  There are some key differences in terms of inserts as well.  If you’re a Topps Series One collector, it would only make sense to dive into Series Two.  Topps 2024 Update should be a continuation of the flagship product later this summer.  There’s also likely to be some interesting Super Boxes later in the year that include Series One, Series Two and Update.  Next up, Topps Chrome 2024!

(Ohhh… unfortunately Aaron Judge did not hot a home run on the day he picked)

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