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Top Catching Prospects: American League West

We are wrapping up the American League portion of the top catching prospects.  The third part in the series focuses on the American League West.  If you haven’t had the chance to see the first two parts of the series, they can be found here:
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1.  Jorge Alfaro, Texas Rangers – Alfaro’s best offensive tool is his plus power, but with an aggressive approach, a 25% strikeout rate and just a 5% walk rate, it’s a question how much of that raw power will translate to game power. He projects as a fringe average hitter and we can expect a .260/.320/.460 line with 18-22 home runs annually.  Defensively the 21-year old projects as an average to above average receiver with a plus, plus throwing arm.  Outlook: 2015- return to double-A,  2016 Triple-A, MLB

I have Alfaro as my 2nd best catching prospect in the AL behind Blake Swihart, followed by Chance Sisco, Francisco Mejia, and Max Pentecost.

2.  Tyler Marlette, Seattle Mariners – Marlette is a name that seemingly has been around for a while now.  The fifth-round pick in the 2011 draft is still just 22-years old.  He projects as an average hitter, with above average power which translates to, 270/.330/.450 with 16-20 home runs.  Defensively, there are questions whether he can stay at the position, but each year you hear less and less of that, now he projects as a fringe average receiver with a strong arm.  Outlook: 2015- return to double-A, 2016 Triple-A, MLB

3.  John Hicks, Seattle Mariners – Hicks can’t match Marlette’s offensive upside and is more of an average hitter with fringe average power. .270/.330/.410 with 8-12 home runs.  Defensively, Hicks is an above average receiver and thrower, and likely will have a long career as a backup catcher.  Outlook: 2015- return to Triple-A

4.  Max Stassi, Houston Astros – A fourth round pick in 2009 out of high school, Stassi’s best tool is his power.  He projects to hit 15-20 home runs, but that comes with a fringe average hit tool, few walks and a lot of strikeouts.  A .260/.310/.400 line is about what can be expected.  Defensively Stassi is an average receiver, with an average arm.  Outlook: 2015- return to Triple-A

5. Carlos Perez, Anaheim Angels – Traded to the Angels this winter in the Hank Conger trade, Perez makes good contact and has a good walk rate throughout his minor league career.  He projects to be an average hitter, but with below average power, and that walk rate will disintegrate at the big league level because the pitchers will challenge him.  .270/.330/.390 with 6-10 home runs. Defensively Perez projects as an average receiver with an above average arm.

(Feature Photo Credit: Brian Mullen/Legends On Deck)

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