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Welcome to the new baseball blog on the internet!

Legends On Deck was created to give the average baseball fan a place to read about their favorite MLB team, the players that make up their minor league affiliates and everything and anything baseball related.

There are many great baseball blogs on the web that offer great content, so we hope to become one of those sites that baseball fans will choose to visit and connect with our writers and discuss all things regarding our National Pastime.

We are also looking for contributing writers that are passionate about baseball and would like to share their opinions about their favorite organizations or anything related to baseball. Contact us today if this sounds like you.

We look forward to building our site for the whole baseball community and connecting with our readers.


David Conde and John Ginder created Legends On Deck so they would have a venue to write about the teams and players that make up our National Pastime. They both root for the New York Mets but when it comes to writing and sharing their opinion based on everything and anything baseball, they both look forward to sharing their knowledge with the greatest fans in the game today.

Creating A Site Name

The name Legends On Deck was no easy task to create.  Both David and John spent countless hours trying to come up with a name that would exemplify what they wanted their site to be about. The next Superstar, the next Legend, and the next Hall of Famer. All of that thinking into one site name.

First, it was On Deck Circle, but that was taken.  Then anything to do with On Deck, that was key to the name.  But nothing clicked, until David looked at a picture of Derek Jeter and the word Legend popped into his head.  All he had to do was tell John “Legends On Deck”, and they both agreed and the site name was born.

Our Staff

Legends On Deck has reached out to some talented writers who will be a part of the great mix of contributors to the site.  The goal of Legends On Deck is to build a community of writers that can also share about their passion for their favorite teams.

Follow Legends On Deck

You can follow our site on Facebook and Twitter and also feel free to comment and interact with our writers and readers. We look forward connecting with you.

Follow us to read about the Stars of Today and the Legends of Tomorrow.

Follow us to read about the Stars of Today and the Legends of Tomorrow.

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