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What a Display of Power

What a Display of Power

What a Display of Power at the 2021 Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise. For the most part, we live on a Tropical Island. Hence, the weather loves doing its tricks and can go from rain to sunshine in 5 minutes every hour & a half, as we saw this weekend at the derby. 

Team Fox Jr vs. Team Isaacs Jr:

2021 Home Run Derby Champions. Photo By 360 Designs & Image

And the winner is; Team Isaacs, winning by six home runs 58-52. Revenge is sweet. So then, Team Isaacs now has one whole year of bragging rights. 

In addition to a change in venue, I forgot how beautiful the beach was out there. How could I; after all, it is Paradise Island, and I worked out there for 30yrs, with a window view to that beauty. 

Okay, back to the derby, with both teams loaded with sluggers and with a few raindrops, off and on, the crowd was ready and enjoyed it to the end. 

Jazz Chisholm Jr, Lewis Brinson, & Mj Melendez:

Besides the home runs hit by the Mets, Dominic Smith, & Warren Saunders, Indians Will Benson, and Todd Issacs Jr. Chisholm, Lewis, and Melendez made it to the finals. However, MJ hit 7 out of pitches for home runs to win it all.

Know the name, MJ Melendez:

What a Display of Power

Home Run King 2021; K C Royals, MJ Melendez. Photo By 10th Year Senior.

What a Display of Power by MJ Melendez. However, Melendez also led Minor League Baseball with 41 home runs between Double-A and Triple-A to earn the Joe Bauman Award. Hence, the 2021 Home Run Derby Championship added to his 2021 accomplishments. 

What A Treat: 

After hearing that MJ was on his way to the derby on the draft selection show, I was all smiles. Then after he had launched six home runs in a row into those beautiful sky-blue waters, I was all smiles again. Wow! This guy is the real deal, and I am excited for his future in the game. Therefore, The K.C. Royals has a Gem, so let’s follow his game to see how it turns out. 

Congratulations to the 2021 Home Run Derby in Paradise Champion, MJ Melendez. 

My Man, Nick Gordon:

What a Display of Power

The Life of the Party, Minnesota Twins, Nick Gordon.

By the way, I have to get this in my 2021 story; the life of the party at the derby every year is my man, Nick Gordon. In short, every year, when I asked him if I should double my bet on him winning it all, he would say yes! I gat this; Lol!

Minnesota Twins, Nick Gordon.

Besides, Nick has a sweet swing and has a very good approach to the ball. So, to my man Nick Gordon, they say three strikes you are out; well, next year is your last chance before I change my pick. 

Most of all, Nick is the life of the home run derby party; we love having him here. So, my friend, good luck to you in your MLB 2022 season. #NoMLB2022Lockout# Let’s play Ball! 


Jeffrey was born on April 29th, 1961, in Nassau, Bahamas to Rejoiner Ann Rolle and Jerome James Francis Etienne. Married to Andrea G. Rolle-Francis, they have two daughters; Janae Latoya Francis, a graduate of Allegany College of Maryland, and Jessica Lee Francis a graduate Potomac State College West Virginia University in Kyser West Virginia. Jeffrey was coaching the sport of baseball from 1980 at the age of 18 years old because he loved the sport as a kid. He started listening to the game over the radio out of Miami Florida in the late 60s and in the early 70s started playing the game locally in various local leagues right up to the premier senior league; a league where all of the current Bahamian minor leaguers played. In 1982, Jeffrey had an invite to a three day tryout with the New York Yankees in Hollywood Florida, which was an awesome experience that is lasting a life time memory for him. Jeffrey has been following the Bahamian baseball players in the minor leagues since 1999 with Angelo Burrows, but found greater interest with the signing of Antoan Richardson in 2005. He also writes a year end review on their play on his Facebook page, Baseball Bahamas, and he has a website with the same name. He has a great following and would love to expose the baseball players to a bigger worldwide audience. He has a good relationship with all the players because he personally coached most of them. His favorite MLB Team is the Detroit Tigers from 1969.

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