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Who Is Running The Show On The Mets?


What is going on with the New York Mets? It has been one thing after another and now Matt Harvey is currently serving a three game suspension without pay.

It appears he has been having problems with reporting to the park when he and the rest of team are suppose to be there, among other things. Recently, Harvey has been going through a rut. He has not been pitching well and watching him pitch, my opinion is he doesn’t appear to show much interest in being with the Mets.

Harvey claimed to have had a headache after playing golf and decided not to come to work. The problem with this is that he decided to call the Mets after 3:00 pm, the time when he was suppose to be at Citi Field. From what the media has reported, there have been other instances where he has not shown up at all.

Well it’s about time the Mets decided to address this problem. According to what is being reported in the news, it seems that Harvey is not well liked in the clubhouse. If this trend continues to cause distraction to the teams chances of winning, then animosity will build up even greater against him. The only thing that can take care of all the drama, is if he is pitching better and winning games, but lately he has not been pitching well or winning games, so in my opinion this was the best time for the Mets to decide to do something about his tardiness.

It really seems like Harvey is all about Harvey and is not thinking of his team. Knowing the rules of reporting in, he probably figured what would the Mets do, and not thinking he wouldn’t make his scheduled start on Sunday.  But his actions caused the Mets to have to scramble for a replacement starter, which they did, but it didn’t help as they lost Sunday’s game to the Marlins 7-0. But not knocking Adam Wilk, who was summoned from the minors and across the country with little sleep.  That all falls on Harvey as he should act like a leader in the clubhouse.

All this and the Noah Syndergaard fiasco. I don’t believe Harvey will be a Met too much longer and I hope Syndergaard is not heading in the same direction. The fans in New York will stand behind their ball players as long as they are helping the team win ball games, but any extra distractions that take away from on the field winning, will start to become a bigger issues in the stands and the Mets know that they need to keep their fan base happy.

Another point, if Harvey is thinking that playing for another organization is better for his career, he also has to remember other teams might be reluctant to trade for him if he continues in the path he is heading. Maybe he is just pushing for the Mets to trade him, but I can almost guarantee that he is not coming back when he hits free agency. That is when the rumors of him wanting to be a New York Yankee may surface into actual fact. But I do feel that the Yankees may not show any interest if he does not change his ways. The way the youth movement is taking over the Bronx with the Baby Bombers, the Yankees know they do not want anything to ruin their sudden resurgence to the top.

It is time for ownership to right the ship and take control of their team before the team spirals out of control and ends up as an also ran. I believe if Harvey and Syndergaard can be what they are suppose to be, two great pitchers, then the Mets can make a run and play deep into October. But time will tell, actually Friday we will all see if Harvey is truly dedicated to helping the Mets win, as he is scheduled to return to the mound.

The Drama continues…..

Elias is a native of the Bronx, NY and a lifelong baseball fan. In High School, he once pitched a gem on the same field as Ed Kranepool and grew up rooting for both the Mets and the Yankees. Elias is a retired NYPD and Ocala, FL Detective and spends his quality time with family and writing about the game he loves.

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