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The 2024 Blaster Box Challenge: Topps Big League Baseball

As previously mentioned in It’s Baseball Card Season! A Closer Look at 2024 Topps Products, my son George and I would partake in what we’re calling a Blaster Box Challenge.  The basic concept is that we would break, rip and record findings from a variety of 2024 Topps products and compare the hits.

George received a Series One blaster box for Easter, so rather than break it right away, I told him to hold it. I had already ordered a blaster of Big League that we were anticipating arrival from Fanatics.  Knowing that Heritage would be released just a week or so later, we decided to order a blaster of Heritage as well.  These three products all have blaster boxes that are nearly identical in price, so it allows for an “apples to apples” type of comparison.

Rating System

The evaluation of each blaster box will be based on a number of criteria. First, the overall design aspect of the cards in the box.  Which has the best overall design of the base cards?  Which inserts are the most appealing?  Second, which box is best overall for collectors?  If you are someone who likes to collect full sets or team set, which would you prefer?  And finally, which is the best for investors or flippers?  In other words, which products could get you your money back if you wanted to sell them.


Topps Big League 2024 has a fun design on their paper base cards, which include accents of team colors in the background.  Two of the best pulls we had in terms of base cards were the Elly De La Cruz and Colton Cowser rookie cards.


The color foils in this set include a range of colors. Red and gold being rarer.  However, it was fun to pull our first Heston Kjerstad orange, another sought after Orioles rookie.

In terms of inserts, there are a number of them in this product as well.  One of our favorites from this particular blaster box were this Shohei Ohtani green with the American flag bunting around the picture.  It’s our very first pull of a Shohei in a Dodgers uniform.

Another fun insert from Big League this year is the “To the Moon” dye-cut insert.  These are widely distributed throughout the packs, but they are an appealing and unique addition to the Big League brand. The best of our “Too the Moon” pulls was certainly Rays top prospect Junior Caminero.


If you’re a collector Topps Big League offers you a 310 card set, with a variety of color foil cards, inserts and some autographs.  George likely enjoys this set as much as he does because it’s geared toward kids.  In fact, he named the Detroit Tigers mascot Paws card among his Top 3 favorites from this box.  The Big League brand is without a doubt a winner for young collectors.  If you’re trying to get a young fan interested in collecting, but you are not concerned about high value pulls and big returns, Big League is an appealing and affordable option.


What is the possible return on investment for the 2024 Big League?  In general, Big League is a lower end product, so most of the cards found in any of their sets are unlikely to yield a high return.  However, you will find a number of cards desirable for resale if you are willing to look.  For example, an Anthony Volpe gold foil auto 1/1 (raw) recently sold for $1,000.   A Shohei Ohtani “To the Moon” auto sold for over $1,500.

The very fact that you can buy a hobby box of this product on Fanatics for $50 makes it a low risk buy.  If we decide we want to flip some of these cards, we could make our money back on the purchase of the box.

Final Thoughts

Admittedly, even as baseball card collectors it is difficult to keep up with the variety of sets that come out.  Our goal through the Blaster Box Challenge is to give readers a glimpse into each product and to share some of our favorite hits. In terms of 2024 Topps Big League Baseball, if you are looking to rips packs with your kids and trying not to overspend on cards, this is a great product for you.


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Brian is the Managing Editor at Legends on Deck and Co-Host on Legends On Deck Podcast. He's been writing about baseball at LOD since 2017. He grew up in the Detroit area and is a lifelong Tigers fan. However, he shares some affinity for his son George's favorite team, the Atlanta Braves. Brian also has a particular interest in the amateur side of the game, including high school, college and collegiate summer league baseball. Brian and George also love collecting and selling baseball cards. You can find them selling on eBay (@Kossball) or posting on George's Instagram (@Kossball). Brian lives in Horizon West (Winter Garden), Florida with his wife (Grace), three daughters and George the Card Kid. You can also reach him at

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