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The 2024 Blaster Box Challenge: Topps Series One

As you might have read in The 2024 Blaster Box Challenge: Topps Heritage Baseball, my son George and I are partaking in what we’re calling the Blaster Box Challenge.  The basic concept is that we would break, rip and record findings from a variety of 2024 Topps products and compare the hits.  Next up, Topps 2024 Series One!

Truth be told, this is not the first blaster of Series One we’ve gotten into since it’s release in February.  It’s probably the most exciting product of the year from the standpoint it’s the first of all the cards released heading into Spring Training.  What you won’t find in these boxes are the most updated teams for each player.  For example, it still includes Shohei Ohtani on the Angels and Juan Soto on the Padres.

Rating System

The evaluation of each blaster box will be based on a number of criteria. First, the overall design aspect of the cards in the box. Which has the best overall design of the base cards? Which inserts are the most appealing? Second, which box is best overall for collectors? If you are someone who likes to collect full sets or team set, which would you prefer? And finally, which is the best for investors or flippers? In other words, which products could get you your money back if you wanted to sell them.


Topps 2024 Series One offers a fresh, new look that is a big departure from the standard Topps designs of that past few years.  I wrote specifically about this in Topps Reveals 2024 Series One Design, back in January.  Long story short, I am a fan.  Here’s a look at the base design of the Elly De La Cruz rookie card pulled from this box.

Elly De La Cruz Base RC


Topps Series One (along with Series Two and Update) are probably the most common set for collectors.  If you’re looking to build a set of Topps products, you’re likely building this one.  In addition to what I believe is a great base card design, there are also a number of very attractive inserts and refractors.  Here’s a look


Shohei Ohtani 35th Anniversary                              (1989)


Shohei Ohtani Stars of MLB


Bobby Witt Jr. 2023 Greatest Hits


William Contreras Yellow Parallel


Tyler Soderstrom Easter Foil RC


While Topps Series One is going to have plenty of commons and lower value inserts, there’s also big hits to be found. Our best hit from this particular box was an Adley Rutschman Black Blue Print numbered /299.  There are plenty of short prints and autos in this product that can yield a high return for investors.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the baseball card hobby, there’s a high likelihood you are going to be at least sampling Topps 2024 Series One.  It’s the first product of the season.  The goal of the Blaster Box Challenge is to give readers a glimpse into each product and to share some of our favorite hits.  Topps Series One is the flagship product that everyone associates with Topps.  Overall, this was probably our best product from the Blaster Box Challenge thus far.  Topps 2024 Series Two release date is June 12th, so that will be next up!


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